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Three Fraudsters Bought iPhones and BMW Paying by Card Produced by CVV Shop

Today in Minsk at a press-conference of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the representatives of the Ministry said on countering cybercrime. In the course of communication with media, investigators spoke about the disclosure of several crimes related to the theft of large sums of money Belarusians among the customers of foreign banks. In some cases, the criminals turnover reached up to 8 million euros.

As told to the investigator on especially important issues of Department on the Investigation of crimes against information security Alexander Semenic, a criminal case against three-carders from Mogilev, which for a 2009-2015 committed theft from the Bank accounts of citizens of the United States, the European Union, the UK with the help of CVV shop. They were part of an organized international group with a clear distribution of roles.

The accused received the details of Bank accounts thought the cooperation with the CVV store and access to them, and then disposed them to their advantage: expensive purchases, computer equipment, mobile phones, Apple, branded watches, clothes, spare parts for cars. Part of the money was spent on recreation for themselves and their families, the purchase of apartments, expensive cars, a BMW. Stolen money even tried to invest in the business.

However, some members of the group never officially worked, but showed wealth, which indicated a high level of income.

Criminals were offered a pre-trial cooperation and the ability to pay damages, but they hoped that they well cleaned it. Besides, they were sure that stealing from foreigners will not fall under the competence of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies. But the evidence was collected is massive.

The head of Department on the Investigation of crimes against information security told about the theft of 130 000 citizens of the EU and the US amounts to more than 8 million euros. One member of the group was convicted in Minsk.

The money came at the expense of the Belarusian Priorbank, and then was transferred to Cyprus, and from there to Latvia, where they spent their cashing. CEO noted the difficulty faced by law enforcement authorities of different countries due to the fragmentation of investigative actions in individual States and on different victims.

Also, the head of the Investigation Department noted the problem is not so much international collaboration as in communication with the Belarusian banking community. For several months in a Belarusian Bank received remittances on account of legal entities from 130,000 foreigners in different amounts.

A number of foreign banks protested CVV store fraudulent transactions is about 30% of all transfers, forcing the Belarusian Bank to reimburse the funds to the foreigners. About the crime, the investigators learned only two years later, after they asked colleagues from Germany. Investigators say that if the Bank had not harbored information and sounded the alarm, the investigation could begin much earlier. Against unnamed employees of the Belarusian Bank has opened a criminal case under article of negligence. Guilty could face up to five years of imprisonment.


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