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The Guide on Safety Cash out From Our CVV Shop

This article prepared by our CVV store concerns the issue of security when withdrawing money using our cards. You may consider it as not a list of useful tips but as a real experience of cashing a card out on the example of a specific group of people. This is a real scheme that works flawlessly.

Part 1. Preparing for Transaction

It means that you have already found an ATM cash machine and another one in case the first fails. If you have more than 2 cards, you will need more ATMs, respectively. The calculation is preferable must be carried out as follows: 1 card requires 1 ATM. Our CC shop recommends to prepare the ways of coming up to the ATM and leaving it, as well as movement between primary, alternate, and so on ATMs. If you have a car, you need to decide where to leave it while you work. It is too risky to drive it right to the cash machine.

Notice the external surveillance cameras. Purchase the most popular mainstream clothing and shoes. Do not use your personal mobile phones. Use another one instead. You may buy the cheapest one. The only requirement for the phone is to receive calls and have a Jack for headphones with microphone. It will be too loud and suspicious to have a radio. Bluetooth headphones are also suspicious.

When you choose between ATMs don’t explore personal phones. Be sure to have more than one dollar on the balance of the mobile operator.

Select the ways to hide the face and have the necessary accessories for it at your disposal. Our CC shop recommends not to close or destroy cameras since it is too dangerous. The ATM’s cameras must work and you must keep your face unrecognizable. A cap and a pair of glasses are not enough. It is not recommended to consider anything less than balaclavas. Rub the cards with alcohol before going out to clean the fingerprints off plastic. Take any gloves. Fingers, soaked in glue, leave prints anyway, so you better use gloves. It may be fabric or rubber, everything that is comfortable for you. Don’t have unnecessary things in your pockets. So, everything is ready. Let’s go out.

Part 2. Taking the Cash

Approach the ATM from the place that is more comfortable to do. Stay unrecognizable. Take the cash out and leave the place.

Cash the money out in the following way: you know the balance of the card, so take the major part of the sum at once. After that, if everything goes OK, you may require the balance and take the rest of the cashout. You may need to insert the card several times to finish your operation. If it takes too much time, use the additional ATM and divide the operations between them.

It is a good variant when the balance is too big and the ATM gives you no more than a certain sum. If you have 3 cards, for example, don’t try to finish the cashing out in one day. You may continue on another day. Don’t work with one ATM more than 5-7 minutes.
Don’t call your partners without necessity. If you have buy several cards in our CVV Shop, just stay online with headphones. The cameras do not record the sound. There may be 2 or 3 cameras in the most unexpected places. If you notice any risk, just leave the place. Do not throw away cards.

Part 3. Leaving the Place of Crime

Go back to the car or use any other comfortable way. Put off your mask and go away.
Cut the cards into pieces and thrown in the trash, or dispose of them any other way. Share the money.

Periodically recycle clothes and mobile phones, SIM cards as often as you can. Generally, you must use new attributes after each case. Do not but clothes or mobile phones in one day with the operation. Do not discuss the matter with any other people except your partners.

In addition our CVV store pursue you have a lawyer. It is a necessary term. Make long breaks between operations.

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